MusicPax® BETA Version 1.0

Release Notes [Last Updated: 12/13/2018]

Welcome to MusicPax. The current release is Version 1.0. At this stage, all users are considered beta testers. There are no fees required at this time but donations are encouraged to assist in development and expansion. It is our hope to keep the entry level 100% free forever with the option to upgrade for more features if desired. We are also attempting to minimize the dependency on advertising to keep the user experience simple, clean and elegant.

MusicPax and all users are required to adhere to the terms of agreement as set forth by YouTube®, SoundCloud® and Vimeo®. No downloading or audio ripping is allowed in any way. All media is aggregated or embedded and all rights are reserved to the owners as posted the respective source sites. We repeat these credits in MusicPax playlists in the "i" icon upon hovering. An example might be "Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America".

Users have the ability to add third-party embedded files but are required to post only the officially endorsed videos by the artists, studios, publishers or legal owners. These are typically clearly indicated in the credits or "About Us/Show More" areas. MusicPax has the right to remove any users, user videos or tracks that do not uphold the policies of YouTube, SoundCloud or Vimeo.

IMPORTANT: Currently MusicPax is most functional and efficient on desktop and laptop environments. It is "mobile-friendly" to a certain degree, but a bit sluggish due to the dependencies on speed and bandwith for videos. We fully realize the importance and opportunities for the mobile platform and are currently working on MusicPaxGO which will focus on mobile and tablets. But in the meantime, we are full steam ahead with the initial desktop version as we see this as the "Home Stereo Hub" for the future. Generation "X"ers and Baby Boomers are fully aware of the time when their Yamaha Receiver and Advent Speakers were the heart of the home experience. Our goal is to merge our platform with quality high-fidelity components and this will be the home music system of today. Millennials, be patient, the mobile version is in the works!

MusicPax is currently available in three configurations:

Current beta testers get access to Level 2 upon registration. Once they refer three friends (with their registration code) to register, their subscription is elevated to Level 3, providing them full access.

Known Issues

MusicPax is in early development, therefore technical glitches and bugs are likely to surface. Please report any issues or bugs that you experience to Below are a list of currently known issues:


YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo are in constant flux with adding and updating video links. It is IMPORTANT to note that MusicPax aggregates these links. We do not host any media. If YouTube removes a video or media for any reason based on their terms of agreement, this will break your link to the track. A "VIDEO CANNOT BE FOUND" message will appear in the player screen. Keep in mind that the third-party media sites police their media to protect the artist and creators legal rights. MusicPax supports this effort so it is critical that you avoid questionable media so that that your playlist remains legal and free from broken and removed illegal media links. Maintaining a clean playlist will take periodic maintenance, but it is very easy and simple to add and remove media - usually accomplished with a single click.

Thank You - David Edwin Meyers (Founder)